PO-PO (POetry POwer makers and breakers)

a worker

i know her
i work with her

she cleans
he washes
she only
works works works
and only works.
(written by Kristina S)

Neither this, nor any other poems written by the youth PO-PO Poet Brigade will remain forgotten on a dusty hidden shelf of a silent library. They will spread through the streets, climb on chairs and speak out loud about reality, the reality outside of the school curriculum and of working hours. Slipped into your mailbox, glued to your bag yesterday, read in your backyard, in waiting rooms, in workshops, they continue to ask and to jump around. Everybody participates and everybody is important. The poem is short. The motive is strong.

The workshop was attended by high school students from the School of Applied Arts and Design Pula (the Department of Graphic Design, 2nd grade); Bosnian National Community, Pula; Centre for Inclusion and Support in the Community, Pula and the Serbian Minority Club of the Istria County.

Despite being founded in the last century, in the abandoned graphic atelier of the Architectural College of Belgrade in 1990, the ŠKART group (Škart means rejects/ausschus/scarto) still exists. Over the first ten years, the group developed a self-published/self-given strategy, whereby they used a number of street actions to comment on and participate in the transforming sociopolitical circumstances of the time. (Your shit – your responsibility; Survival coupons ; Sadness, Accused/Not guilty…).

Over the following ten years, the group entered into a long-term process of launching and developing new collectives and networking (the choirs Horkeškart and Rehearsal, the children’s choirs Moon children and AprilZMAJun, the mixed youth/senior choir Hor-Ruk and the antifascist choir UHO (United Choirs), a group of female and male embroiderers Non-practical WomenPoetrying e – a training session for active poetry, a branch of spiteful pensioners poets named PPPP Sower, while cooperating with city and country schools). ŠKART has presented works and held lectures, concerts and workshops across Europe, both the Americas and Asia. Retrospective exhibitions were also held in Rijeka (2009), London (2010), Belgrade (2012) and Nagoya (2013).  At the 2010 Architectural Biennial in Venice, ŠKART presented Seesaw Play-grow / Polygon of Dissbalance.