Luiza Margan

Luiza Margan

Restaging Monument


The photo-collage series juxtaposes archival photographs that Margan obtained from the sculptor Vinko Matković’s family photo-archive with photos she took in her own studio. The historical photographs show Matković posing in front of his monumental bronze sculpture Monument of Liberation in different phases of its production. The sculpture depicts a group of three partisan warriors, and the photos were taken in his studio in Rijeka (1955). These are transformed into a collage which includes Margan’s own photographs, portraying her in different physical actions in her studio.

The intermixing of these two kinds of photographs points not only to historical differences of (self-)representation and artistic labor, but in a humorous way entangles gender relations and the representation of historical narratives. In her photomontages, Margan is especially interested in the representation of the female partisan (the only woman and the only “allegorical” partisan representation in the group), that appears to be directly linked to Margan’s movements in her photo-performance.


Luiza Margan was born in Rijeka, and lives between Vienna and Rijeka. She completed studies at the Art Academy in Ljubljana and Vienna. She has worked on projects and art residencies in Italy, South Korea, Mexico City, New York and France, and will participate in a four-month art residency in Istanbul in late 2018. She has presented her works in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has performed a number of interventions in public space.