Autopsia (CZ)

by | Jul 26, 2014 | IAB Artists 2014

Was heisst Autopsia? Art? Theoria? Framing? Projection? Gaze?
Autopsia is language is image is sound.
Autopsia is a tombstone on the grave of time.
Autopsia is archeology. The discourse of the beginning and about the beginning.
At the beginning is Death.
The building materials of Autopsia are reproductions
of representations. Therefore, the production
which is performed by Autopsia is the production of
reproductions, or, on the level of producing, Autopsia
reproduces the production. In fact, Autopsia does
not produce anything, in a usual sense of the word;
it does not produce something out of nothing, it does
not produce the original, it repeats the production.
But here things are getting even more complicated. It
is because the production of Autopsia in fact consists
of the repetitions. The method of Autopsia´s production
is repetition. First, the repetition of the production;
second, the repetition of what is already produced;
third, the repetition of the repetition as the production.
The reproduction of the production and the production
of the reproduction which is repetition of the repetition
might be named only with one word – disproduction.
The disproduction means de-structuring of the production
in the way of infinite repetition (of the Same).
[AutopsiA ApocryphA]